Skærbæk 2022 Recap
Skærbæk 2022 Recap

Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2022

On the weekend of the 24th and 25th of September, a group of members from the BrickzLab community travelled to Skaerbaek (Denmark) to partake in the annual LEGO Fan Weekend.

While the convention itself only lasts for two days, there are multiple AFOL events hosted by the organisation on Thursday, Friday and Monday. Our group arrived on Tuesday at the rental house in the Danish countryside, and after acquainting themselves with the south-Jutland area for two days we travelled to Billund for a special day at the LEGO House. This day organised specifically for AFOL's was kickstarted with a speech by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen (grandson of the man himself), welcoming all the adult fans to the home of the brick. At the LEGO house there was the opportunity to participate in building competitions, enjoy lectures by LEGO employees and have a meet & greet with some talented LEGO Model Designers. In the LEGO shop some of us acquired a special molded LEGO duck - inspired by the classic wooden ducks Ole made in the mid-30's. Friday was set-up day at the convention centre. Most of us spent the day setting up our builds and roaming around the two large halls of the centre. A few LEGO-sellers also provided us with the opportunity to buy some exclusive second-hand LEGO parts, minifigures and even vintage Adidas x LEGO soccer merchandise!

During the two convention days on Saturday and Sunday, the crowd was amazing. After Covid, we all really enjoyed the amount of visitors that came to see our builds. Besides the general public, we also got the chance to meet quite a few celebs' in the LEGO world. Jamie Berard, Elisabeth Kahl-Backes and many other big names at LEGO came to the event to enjoy the builds - often seamlessly blending into the crowd. Youtubers David Hall (Solid Brix Studios) and Lee (Brickbuilderstudios) from the US were also present during this weekend and they joined us in a fantastic Saturday night dinner with fun afterparty.

On Monday, we all had some different exciting opportunities that we could sign up for, such as visiting the LEGO Campus, joining a factory tour or visiting the P-shop usually reserved for LEGO employees.  Needless to say, with a discount of 50% on retail prices -  our cars were filled to the brim with LEGO boxes when we travelled back home on Tuesday.

All in all a very exciting weekend meeting our old friends and making a lot of new ones. See you all next year!

If you want to learn more about the anual Skærbæk Fan Weekend, make sure to visit their website!

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