DoKomi 2022
03.06. - 05.06.2022

Different from the other conventions our community members have displayed MOCs so far, this one isn’t specifically LEGO© related. Infact normally there are no connections to LEGO© and MOCs at all.

The DoKomi convention is a yearly event focused on anime and manga, located in Düsseldorf (Germany), which also is the biggest one there is in Germany. For the first time, this year we had our own display table as Brickz Lab in the Matsuri area.
The convention was split up in multiple sections, for example the fan booth section, where people showed off their artworks inspired by various anime, manga and japanese Stuff in general, the commercial exhibitors section, where you were able to buy tons of different merch items, a gaming section and many more small ones worthy checking out. The matsuri area we displayed at also was one of these sections. This one was mainly focused on having minigames for the visitors, to just hang out for a while and to have fun.

Even though our MOCs weren’t quite as fitting to the original theme of the convention, our displayers and MOCs were very welcomed by the staff and people there. And we for sure got inspired by all the talented artists and cosplayers there, that are not to be seen  on the usual LEGO©️ exhibitions. All of the people attending the convention had such positive energy all around them and we got to talk to many, many people we shared and exchanged our hobbies with, even though their main interest wasn’t LEGO©️.
Overall it was a great experience and we can recommend visiting the DoKomi Expo as an exhibitor or just a visitor!

Big thanks to the organizers of the DoKomi convention, especially the ones incharge of the matsuri area, that were so kind to us to give us our own table to display our MOCs and in general for the opportunity to take part as exhibitors in this awesome Event!

We hope to be there  again in 2023, and that is with more MOCs that fit in the theme this time!

Make sure to check out their website for informations under the following link:

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