Bricking Bavaria 2022 Recap
Bricking Bavaria 2022 Recap

Late November it was finally time for Bricking Bavaria 2022. Thirty Brickz Lab Community members from all over the world packed their builds and arrived in Fürth on Thursday the 17th. Everyone was excited for the biggest German Lego convention and set up started. A lot of members finally met up in person after years of online discussion, and more than 100 builds were set up at our own Brickz Lab table! After a few hours of greetings and set up we went to a local restaurant enjoyed food whilst listening to some Star Wars music!

The next day, Friday was only open for exhibitors. There were a lot of interesting presentations to attend during the day, held by talented people such as Jonas Kramm and Stuart Harris. Some of our builds still needed some polishing so everyone worked together to get it done for the visitors the next day.  Our display only looked as good as it did because the awesome work of our community members! After a long day full of exciting presentations and some last minute build corrections we could not wait for what was coming tomorrow!

Saturday morning there already was a long queue of visitors waiting for the convention Center to open. As the final touches were put on our builds, the visitors entered the convention hall. It was amazing seeing all the people enjoying our builds and we spent the weekend chatting with visitors, explaining techniques and thought processes. Our community also enjoyed participating in different competitions and enjoying all the different builds that were displayed.

After an amazing weekend full of meeting new friends and catching up with old ones, sadly the convention had ended. We all packed our cars, said our goodbyes and left with the memories and our cars full of LEGO!

Thank you to every Brickz Lab member who attended and displayed a build with us, the convention would not have been the same without you.

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