Spies on Ord Mantell
Reconquest of the Rim

Spies on Ord Mantell

Reconquest of the Rim
Outer Rim
17 BBY


Ord Mantel was a battleground during the Clone Wars, where the Shadow Collective fought against the CIS. This conflict left the dry world in ruins, with many broken shipwrecks between the cities. Crime thrived after the Empire took over.


Rumors spread in the outer rim of a traitor from the Confederate Remnant selling vital data of a Separatists fleet hidden in the depth of wild space. Scouts of the C.R. discovered a the fleet by analyzing the data from an old separatist base on Bakura. Smugglers, Imperials, and private military organizations are only a fraction of the parties interested in obtaining the fleet's location.

The Meeting

Luca S Projects

Location: Ord Mantell, Bright Jewel sector, Mid Rim

- Log entry -

"We are now approaching the area where the meeting is supposed to be taking place. We got all of our troops in place and are preparing for an attack, the spy didn't show up yet but there's still time."

- End log -

The Meeting

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