Skirmish over Imdaar
Western Reaches Campaign

Skirmish over Imdaar

Western Reaches Campaign
Outer Rim Territories
16 BBY

Combatants: Galactic Empire, Republic Loyalists Insergents
Outcome: Imperial victory with Insurgents escaping


  • Empire: Captain Mosh Barris
  • Republic Loyalists: Captain Yimir


  • Empire: Venator-class Star Destroyer "Indomitable", 2 Arquitens-class light cruiser, 10 V-wing Squadron, 6 TIE Squadron
  • Republic Loyalists: Assault Frigate Mk. II (early prototype vessel), 4 V-19 Squadron, 2 ARC-170 Squadron


In 16 BBY, a secret supply run by a group of Republic Loyalists insurgents encounters a small imperial battle group orbiting Imdaar. After refusing to transmit the fitting clearance codes, the rebel ships are taken under fire by the Venator-class Star Destroyer Indomitable. Its escort consists of two Arquitens-class light cruisers. The rebel's capital ship, a brand new Assault Frigate, repeats fire and deploys its starfighters and bombers, which take out one of the light cruisers.

Soon, however, the rebel squadron, overwhelmed by the Empire's numbers of V-wings and TIE fighters, is forced to retreat back to their hangars. After their fighter advantage is lost, the rebels only barely manage to jump into hyperspace to escape the Empire.

The Aftermath

In the aftermath of the encounter, rebel intelligence learns about the Empire's transport of large amounts of Doonium, a metal used for starship hulls, which is considered the reason for the unexpectedly large imperial presence

This is a collaboration made by Luca s projects, The Brickforce and Malen Garek
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