Shadow Collective

Shadow Collective

Shadow Collective

Founded: 20 BBY
Located: Mid-Outer Rim
Capital: Nar Shaddaa
Affiliation: Black Sun, Crimson Dawn, Pyke Syndicate
Head of State: Prince Xizor

State of the Shadow Collective

Following the events of Order 66, the Pyke Syndicate, the Black Sun, and Crimson Dawn have re-unified to form the widespread criminal alliance known as the Shadow Collective. With strength in numbers and control over the galaxy's various illegal trades, the Shadow Collective seeks power in a damaged and war-torn galaxy.

The Pykes, based on the mountainous planet of Oba Diah, has control over the profitable spice trade across the galaxy, but also deals in Coaxium with its control over Kessel. Pykes are poweful in the underoworld of large cities such as Coruscant, dealing spice with other criminals and hired hands.

The Black Sun is known for dealing in multiple areas of crime, ranging from piracy, smuggling, and trafficking, hiring bounty hunters and smugglers for these tasks. With bases on Mustafar and Ord Mantell, the Black Sun has an information network that surpassed even imperial intelligence, but the organization is known to have a strong relationship with the Empire, often cutting deals with them.

Crimson Dawn is known for seizing resources off planets and selling them on the black market. Led by Dryden Vos from his yacht First Light, Crimson dawn has a network of bounty hunters and smugglers to do their jobs for them.

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