Occupation of Batuu
Reconquest of the Rim

Occupation of Batuu

Reconquest of the Rim
18 BBY

Occupation of Batuu

Date: 18 BBY
Location: Batuu
Combatants: Galactic Empire, Population of Batuu
Outcome: Establishment of an imperial academy


Lord Vader has come to the planet of BATUU with the full force of his Imperial Armada. The objective of this operation? Bring Order, Stability and Prosperity to the people of BATUU. With the support of his Fist, the courageous men of the 501st LEGION, they will use the means necessary to assist the locals who've, for too long, put up with the pain, suffering and humiliation of the former Republic, & the Knights who betrayed the people of our galaxy.

His Lordship began by giving orders to his subordinate officers that the rumours of these supposed cloaked warriors was to be quelled from the thoughts of the citizens. The Empire was now here, why be concerned about myths and legends of these traitors? We have removed them from our worries. We have brought healing throughout the Empire! And if they have returned, we have prepared, we have the strength in order to subdue them.

With the valiant troopers of our Imperial Fleets and the reputation of his Lordship, we were invited with open arms to the people of BATUU - by bringing security, we gave the people here peace of mind. To continue their lives in order and for the reminders, like the statues of these traitors, to be removed and replaced with symbols of strength, power and determination. The false Knights, the destroyers of our justice and structure, that were cause for concern, have been detained and dealt with. Now, BATUU can be that glorious and prosperous region it was meant to bring, training the future generations of our defenders and liberators of worlds!

By having our operations here, we open up possibilities for expansion, for stable placements within our Empire for the people of BATUU and other planets. LONG LIVE OUR EMPEROR, LONG LIVE BATUU, LONG LIVE OUR GLORIOUS EMPIRE!

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