New Recruitment Strategy
Reconquest of the Rim

New Recruitment Strategy

Reconquest of the Rim
19 BBY

Date: 19 BBY
Location: Core Worlds
Outcome: Inrtroduction of Imperial Academies


Clone stormtroopers were the original elite soldiers of the Galactic Empire. After the fall of the Galactic Republic and the formation of Emperor Palpatine's New Order, the Republic Grand Army's clone troopers were re-designated as stormtroopers. Throughout the early years of Palpatine's reign, the Empire continued to utilize the Jango Fett template, but later commissioned the creation of new troopers from different genetic sources. Cloning remained essential to the Imperial Military, although the introduction of birth-born recruits into the ranks of the Stormtrooper Corps gradually reduced clone soldiers to a minority status.

In addition to utilizing the clone troopers, the Galactic Empire also began to recruit humans and near-humans into their ranks. The recruitment drive was aimed at expanding the Empire's military capabilities beyond the limited pool of clones available from the Kamino cloning facilities.

These recruits underwent rigorous training to become stormtroopers, and while they were not as genetically perfect as the clones, they were numerous and highly motivated. Over time, the Empire gradually reduced its reliance on clone soldiers, and the stormtrooper ranks became increasingly populated by human and near-human recruits.

Despite this shift in recruitment strategy, the clones remained an important part of the Imperial military. They were still utilized in various specialized roles, such as the elite 501st Legion, which was composed entirely of clone veterans of the Clone Wars. However, as the years passed, the Empire's reliance on clones continued to diminish, and the once-elite clone stormtroopers became increasingly rare in the ranks of the Imperial military.

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