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Mas Amedda

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Mas Amedda

Name: Mas Amedda
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Galactic Empire


Mas Amedda was a prominent politician in the Galactic Senate before the rise of the Empire. He was later appointed as the Vice Chair of the Senate under Emperor Palpatine's regime. As Vice Chair, Amedda was responsible for maintaining order in the Senate and enforcing Palpatine's policies. Despite his initial loyalty to the Empire, his role became less significant over time, and he was eventually tasked with retrieving lost Sith artifacts.

Imperial Agent

After the formation of the Empire, Mas Amedda was appointed as one of the inaugural members of the Imperial Ruling Council. Despite losing his Vice Chair title, he retained a significant position of power as Palpatine's representative in the Senate. However, as time went on, Amedda's role became less relevant, and he was tasked with the seemingly menial duty of reclaiming lost Sith artifacts from worlds previously quarantined by the Jedi Order.

Despite the apparent demotion, Amedda found great fulfillment in pursuing his passion for knowledge of Sith history. He explored many Sith worlds, including Yavin 4, where he discovered rare piranha beetles that delighted the Emperor. Later, Amedda retreated to Palpatine's secret throne world on Byss, where he outlined plans for the New Order that would extend for the next 10,000 years and beyond.

Despite the ups and downs of his career, Amedda's dedication to the Empire and his thirst for knowledge of Sith history remained unwavering. His story is a testament to the complex and often surprising paths that individuals can take in the pursuit of power and purpose.

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