ISD Exactor

ISD Exactor

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Imperator Class Star Destroyer Exactor

The Exactor was among the very first Imperator-class Star Destroyers to be deployed during the final weeks of the Clone Wars. These powerful ships would later be rebranded as the iconic Imperial-class Star Destroyers and become the backbone of the Galactic Empire's naval forces.

The Bridge of the Exactor

Malen Garek

This scene showcases the Imperial High Command briefing a special squad of soldiers. The leader of the squad is a mysterious and unnamed Chiss woman, known for their blue skin and tactical prowess.

As the briefing begins, the High Command reveals crucial information about an upcoming mission. The fate of the Empire hangs in the balance, and the squad must carry out their orders with utmost precision and skill.

Despite the odds, the Chiss squad leader remains calm and focused, ready to lead her team to victory. Her sharp mind and combat experience make her a force to be reckoned with, and she inspires confidence in her fellow soldiers.

The Bridge of the Exactor

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