Galactic Empire

Galactic Empire

Galactic Empire

Founded: 19 BBY
Located: Galactic Core
Capital: Coruscant
Affiliation: Sith Empire
Head of State: Emperor Sheev Palpatine

State of the Empire

Seeking to restore order and security to the galaxy under a tight and authoritative rule, the Galactic Empire seizes control of many non-aligned planets in the wake of the Clone Wars. Ruling from the Imperial City on Coruscant, Emperor Palpatine oversees the affairs of his new domain. Assisted by his apprentice, Darth Vader, the Empire invades formerly CIS ruled planets in the Reconquest of the Rim, capitalizing on the scattered, smaller forces of the Confederate Remnant. Planets such as Murkhana and New Plympto fell to the Empire's newfound might, overwhelmed by the Empire's strength in Numbers.

Under the Empire's new reign, the Empire would install a new leader in conquered planets, one unconditionally supporting the Empire's ventures, which included exploiting local populations for a planet's resources. Planets, where the Empire did not assume complete control but installed an oppressive presence to gain from the local resources, became breeding ground for resistance movements and criminal activity.

Emperor Palpatine's second in command, Darth Vader, oversees the extermination of the remaining Jedi in a process called the Purge, which entails surviving Jedi being tracked and killed by Vader or Inquisitors Palpatine's agents of the Dark Side. Special soldiers introduced in 18 BBY were designated Purge Troopers, trained to assist in the Hunt. With the installation of the Empire, the democracy of the Republic became obsolete. The Senate was reduced to a corrupt stamp for the Empire's legislation, any of which could be turned down by Palpatine if necessary. Under this new rule, the introduction of the Imperial security bureau encouraged the investigation of dissidents, seeking to crush rebellions before they grew. Various Imperial ministries oversaw commerce through the galaxy, going so far as to starve enemy planets.

Expansion of the Military

During the Expansion of the Imperial Military the military decisions were made by the Empire's council of Moffs and officers, controlling the nearly unlimited resources available to the Empire, provided by corporations like Kuat Drive Yards and Taim and Bak. With these resources, officers commanded an army of massive proportions, comprised of both human conscripts and clone troopers, some hardened veterans of the Clone War. With unchecked political power, strong leadership, and hordes of troopers at their disposal, the Empire's mission of Galactic dominance should be swift, if left unopposed.

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