Expansion of the Military
18 BBY

Expansion of the Military

18 BBY

Expansion of the Military

Date: 18 BBY
Location: Core Worlds
Outcome: Initiation of phase I of project War-Mantel


With the activation of the inhibitor chips, everything changes within seconds. Brothers became enemies! Every clone who disobeyed orders and joined the treacherous Jedi was executed without any hesitation. The clone army switched from a warm brotherhood to a cold, heartless army.

During the ongoing Great Jedi Purge, in 18 BBY, Admiral Tarkin issued a new order

Aside from the new Warships, Emperor Palpatine ordered the whole Grand Army of the Republic has to return immediately to Coruscant for reorganization into the new Imperial Army. The Military has to represent the new Galactic Empire and, thus, embody uniformity and coldness to intimidate and discourage any rebellious behavior. As early as 19 BBY the Empire started recruiting none clone cadets from the Academies all over the Galaxy, Humans, Pantorans, and Zeltrons were allowed to join the Imperial Army and Navy. The merged forces of clone and human troopers were renamed the Stormtrooper Corps. The highly personalized armor of the clones is to be replaced with a new uniform, white armor, and all vehicles were to be re-colored in Imperial Grey.

After arriving on Coruscant, all clone troopers were to report immediately to the new imperial facilities to retrieve their new armor. Only a few veterans were allowed to keep their individualized armor as a sign for their heroic actions in battle.

Before heading out to hunt down the remaining Jedi and traitors, all clone commanders were assigned under the new command of non-clone Imperial generals, replacing the traitorous Jedi generals.

Meanwhile, Imperial technicians were assigned to repaint Republic vehicles to meet the standards of the new Imperial Army.

Credit to JastaBrick for creating this scene and lore!

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