Western Reaches, Outer Rim Territories


Batuu was a remote terrestrial planet on the edge of the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories, in the Batuu system of the Trilon sector.
Batuu's surface was covered in jungles, oceans, and the petrified remains of ancient trees, referred to by the local Batuuans as "spires," which towered over the planet's landscapes.

Millennia before the rise of the Galactic Empire and prior to the invention of hyperspace travel, Batuu was a popular stopping point for those traveling to Wild Space and the Unknown Regions.
However, the opening of hyperspace routes caused the planet to be bypassed, resulting in the deterioration of the planet's reputation into that of a forgotten backwater world.
The largest settlement on the planet was the ancient trading post Black Spire Outpost.
The world was also home to farming communities, such as Peka and Surabat, and the town of Galma, known for its mechanics.

The Ruins of Batuu

Not much is known about the mysterious ruins on Batuu. Some locals believe they are the remains of the Rakatan Empire which invaded the Galaxy millennia ago, and some believe these are ruins from an ancient Sith temple. Only a few explorers dared to explore the ruins.

Recent History

In 18 BBY the Galactic Empire occupied the planet and installed an imperial academy, you can read more about the Occupation of Batuu here.

Batuu City & Ruins scenes made by GorillaGluinIt, the Occupation scene is made by Malen Garek.
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