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A Galaxy on the
verge of Darkness

Emperor Palpatine reorganized the Old Republic into the new Galactic Empire with the beginning of the Great Jedi Purge. The Jedi Order has fallen, and the surviving Jedi are being hunted or in hiding. The Emperor can't afford to start another war. Therefore he ordered the production of new capital ships and established imperial academies to recruit civilians for the Imperial Army.

Darth Vader, the right hand of the Emperor, was sent to eliminate the leaders of the Confederacy of Independent Systems at the end of the Clone War. With the Droid Army shut down, many member systems of the Confederacy are unable to continue a Galaxy spending war. The surviving Leaders and the non Droid Planetary Defense Armies of former CIS worlds form the Confederate Remnant.

Established in the Clone Wars, the Shadow Collective continues to rule over the Galaxy's underworld with its numerous cartels. Spice, illegal weaponry, and slavery are the means the Shadow Collective intends to maintain power. The Moffs of the Empire call them the new enemy. Despite this, many imperial officers are corrupt and in the Collective's pocket.

Senators from the former Republic have no choice but to join the Imperial Senate or go into exile. Members of the Petition of 2000 are being questioned or, under mysterious circumstances, assassinated. Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, and Senator Garm Bel Iblis managed to avoid being investigated by publicly appearing in the Emperors favor. Secretly they and the defense forces of their respective worlds formed the Alliance of the Republic Loyalists.

Frequently asked

You should find every answer you seek here! If you still don't know the answer to your question, as a team member in our #questions-feedback channel.
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General questions

How do I join Dark Times?

First you must join our Discord Server, you can join it here.
After you joined our discord server you can read the How To Join message in the how-to-play channel

Can I use custom clones and accessories in my application?

Yes, you can use custom clones from CAC, Firestar Toys, etc. in your application. Don't use painted clones since paint destroys a minifig. Please use the `!apply` command to see  a full list of rules for our application process.

As a member, what kind of builds can I submit?

You have a lot of freedom and creativity to submit any type of build as long it's 20x20 studs unless stated otherwise for a special event such as the microscale capital ship challenge. Vehicles, digital builds, forced perspective scenes, and more are available to you. For some ideas on scenes you can view the store using `!store` to see build requirements for certain roles.

For more information make sure to read our #how-to-play channel!

Lore Questions

When does the Dark Times era take place?

Dark Times takes place right after the formation of the Galactic Empire and Order 66 execution in 19 BBY. After the events of Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith.

What is the Dark Times Canon?

As Dark Times Canon, we describe entries and stories from our members that are part of our official timeline. As Dark Times Canon, we describe entries and stories from our members that are part of our official timeline.

Can I maybe introduce my own made up planet?

Since we want to stick with the actual lore and eventually use an official Galactic Map, you can't make up planets. However, there are many official planets with only one sentence or even less on the official Wookiepedia page. We recommend getting one of these and adding lore in the form of entries to it!

Gameplay Questions

Where can I learn how the game works?

You can join our discord server and read thru the Guide and How To Play channels.

How do I kill off my character and make a new one?

You go to our Character Builder channel and make a new selection of roles and a new post in the Character Introduction channel.

What faction do I have to join to become a Jedi or Mandalorian?

It doesn’t matter! If you want to become a Mandalorian or Jedi, you can join any faction and play your story properly. You will find the Foundling and Force Sensitive items in our store. Both items come with a series of quests you need to fulfill to become a true Mandalorian or Jedi. 

If your story is that you are a Jedi in exile, you can just make a character like any other but specially mention that in your story. After you collected enough XP and Credits, you buy the Force Sensitive role, complete the quest, and your Jedi is with force again. If he is on the Lightside or Darkside, is up to you and your story!

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