The Capital Fleet

March 28, 2023

The Capital Ship Fleet Collab

We are excited to announce our latest collaboration project, the Capital Fleet! A few of us lego builders took designs from the Star Wars universe and built them in a 1:2700 scale. This was a challenging endeavor, but we are proud of the results.

Skirmish over Imdaar


Malen Garek

This is a small skirmish over the planet Imdaar. The ships portraied are a Venator class Star Destroyer and V-Wings by Malen Garek, an Arquitens-class cruiser by Luca_s_Projects, and a Rebel Assault Frigate Mark II by The Brickforce

Incursor-class cruiser



A fan made Imperial capital ship design, based off YouTuber EC Henry recreation of the original Colin Cantwell Imperial Cruiser concept for Star Wars (1977), designed in 1975.

A complete rebuild of an old MOC from last summer, which I was not happy with considering it was my first time building anything with the Star Destroyer shape.

Venator Star Destroyer Indomitable


Malen Garek

This build has been quite a challenge because of its frame and distinctive design. The 2700:1 scale make it in scale with The Brickforce Assault Frigate Mark II and more.

We hope that our capital fleet collaboration inspires other lego builders to take on challenging projects and push their building skills to the next level. Stay tuned for more exciting collaborations from our team!

The fleet is constantly expanding, with many more ships to come. Be sure to save this post, as we will be adding more ships as the collection grows!

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