Classic Space Revamped

May 21, 2020

Classic Space Revamped Collab

Incoming Transmission….


The Federation has taken inspiration from some of the most recognisable vehicles in the Federation’s back catalogue with its newest wave of craft that is ready to be purchased for your disposal right now! 

First we have several redesigned ships which, as per theme, have kept their original names! All ships come with the latest technologies available for private citizens* of the Federation! 

6928-1 Uranium Search Vehicle


Simon Liu

Remake of the 6928-1 Uranium Search Vehicle Lego set from 1978

Secondly we have a couple of new wheeled vehicles which are equipped with all the latest specifications for scientific missions or for even recovering lost vehicles!

That is all we have available to purchase from the Federation’s Vehicle Depot but do stay tuned for the next transmission when it becomes available!

*Military level specifications can be requested as long as adequate information is provided to the Federation for why you may need extra firepower at your disposal! 

…. Transmission Over

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