Occupation of Batuu

November 14, 2021

The Occupation of Batuu collaboration was an exciting project that showcased the creativity and talent of nine talented builders. The diorama, which was based on the popular Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge theme park attraction, was on display at the IDS-Brickworld event in Velen, Germany in November 2021.

The impressive LEGO model featured intricate details and captured the spirit of the Star Wars theme park. The builders worked tirelessly to bring the diorama to life, using over 50,000 LEGO bricks to create the various buildings, characters, and vehicles that make up the world of Batuu.

Visitors to the IDS-Brickworld event were able to see the diorama up close and marvel at the level of detail and craftsmanship that went into its creation. The Occupation of Batuu collaboration was a true testament to the dedication and passion of the Brickz Lab community and the LEGO fan community as a whole.

Overall, the Occupation of Batuu collaboration was a huge success and a highlight of the IDS-Brickworld event. It is always a pleasure to see the creativity and talent of the LEGO fan community on full display, and this diorama was no exception. We can't wait to see what the Brickz Lab community comes up with next!

The Occupation of Batuu collaboration was a truly impressive feat of LEGO engineering, and the planning and execution of the project was made all the more impressive by the use of technology. The builders at brickzlab used Unreal Engine 4 to plan out and design the diorama, allowing them to create a detailed and accurate virtual model of the finished product. This virtual model was then used as a reference as the team worked to translate the design into a physical LEGO model.

The use of Unreal Engine 4 allowed the builders to fine-tune the design and ensure that everything was just right before they began the process of building the diorama. This level of planning and precision paid off, as the finished product was a stunning and faithful representation of the world of Batuu.

Overall, the use of Unreal Engine 4 was an integral part of the planning and execution of the Occupation of Batuu collaboration, and it allowed the brickzlab team to create a truly incredible LEGO diorama.

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