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Brickz Lab is an online community for Lego enthusiasts to share, learn, and connect. Here people share their techniques, secrets and help to create stunning Lego projects. We host many events and bring Lego fans together!

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Brickz Lab 1980s Lego Classic Space Collab moc

Dark Times Role Playing Game

The Dark Times RPG focuses on the first four years of the Galactic Empire after Order 66. RPG members can explore the galaxy between Revenge Of The Sith and A New Hope and create their own stories in the Dark Times! Click on the button to learn more!

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Darth Vader and clone commander grave by malen garek

Events and Challenges

Being part of a community means more than just spending time in a chat. So we at Brickz Lab try to get a real sense of community by hosting Watch Parties, Building Challenges, and many more types of Server Events to bond with our members!

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Brickz Lab Halloween challenge 2021. Dragon Lego moc by Aaron Lego Master

Brickz Lab Collaborations

Collaborations, or how we call them Collabs, are an excellent way for community members across the world to build together. Brickz Lab hosts public Collabs where everyone can join. For projects with a higher scope, core members invite promising builders.

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Brickz Lab Jedi Fallen Order or JFO Dathomir by FirstOrderLego
Brickz Lab 1980s Lego Classic Space Collab mocDark Times RPG Vader and Clone troopers at a graveBrickz Lab Halloween challenge 2021. Dragon Lego moc by Aaron Lego MasterBrickz Lab Jedi Fallen Order or JFO Dathomir by FirstOrderLego
Vader hallway lego dark times season 2

Dark Times Season 2 is here!

Star Wars RPG

After months of waiting Dark Times Season 2 is finally here!
The goal of Season 2 is to give members more creative freedom and control over their characters story and the Galaxy far far away...

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Challenges & More

Server Events are an excellent way for us to bring the community together and let anyone participate in fun projects! Community members can participate in Public Collaborations, Building Challenges, Game / Movie Nights, and much more!
Anyone can be a part of our community by joining our Discord Community Server. We use Discord as a forum and chatting platform. 

Brickzl Lab Halloween 2020 2 hour challenge
Jan The Creators Clown apocalypse in a ruined city.

Brickz Lab

Over the last years, we hosted many unique collaborations with different themes, stories, and formats. A majority of our collab projects is Star Wars themed, but this doesn't mean we wouldn't explore different themes like post-apocalypse, space, pirates, to name a few. We already published none Star Wars collabs like our pirates and classic space collabs.

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This is where we scout for collab members, host community events and much more!

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